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STEP1: Copy video link (URL address). Use device clipboard or pen & paper, if you like.

STEP2: Paste video link into the white search box above (you can also type it in) & hit GO.

STEP3: Video options will show, pick the one you like & download Likee video in mp4 format.

It is Likee video downloader no wm. Features: There are several things about this particular no-watermark video downloader. The main thing is speed. Compared to other services that require you to download videos using a free service or a paid one, this likee downloader can download videos in just a few seconds. It's also effortless to use. You don't have to install anything on your computer or cell phone for it to work; all you have to do is connect to, and within a few seconds, you can already download a video to your system.

It downloads videos in high quality and without watermarks. If you follow the 3 step process explained above, It will help you download videos from Likee and save them for offline access. Likee video free downloader for PC and other gadgets. You can save Likee's video as an mp4 file on your device. No signup, free, unlimited downloads from Likee. Where is find this free Likee Video Downloader quickly? It's relatively easy to find. All you have to do is to search on Google for "Likee downloader." You can find this website that offers free services for video downloads.

Likee Download Videos

What is Likee? Likee is a social platform for publishing short videos. Likee's primary function is to create videos using special effects and filters, as well as overlaying music. The advantage of the service is the 4D Magic function, which immediately won the hearts of users. There are no analogs of this feature in any of the editors and services. Likee is a full-fledged video editor that allows you to create high-quality clips using artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Likee is designed as a social network. Users can leave comments and likes to each other, send private messages, record video duets, and so on.

What can Likee do? Likee has a user rating, which is calculated as the ratio of the number of likes to the number of views of broadcasts for the past day. There are separate leaderboards by country, but there is also a general one around the world.
Many bloggers, literally a few months ago, did not have any audience at all. Today, thanks to Likee, they have millions of fans, participation in creative projects, and collaboration with leading brands.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Can i download Likee videos on iPhone / iPad / iPod ?

Yes, this site is specially designed for iOS devices. All you need to do is to open this site from Safari and Paste video URL and start the download.

Does this service needs any money after some Downloads limit ?

No, this service is free and has no limit to download.

Where are Likee videos saved after being downloaded?

Videos usually saved under "Downloads" folder but you may use Save As Option and changed it to another one you can make a simple Check on Windows by Pressing [ CTRL+J ], and if you are using MAC you can Press [ Shift+Command+J ] in your browser to view your download history.

Why is a video playing instead of downloading?

You Can solve this issue, instead of left-clicking use the Right Click -> Save as...and choose the location you would like to save the video too.

Does this website keep a copy of videos or downloaded videos or search history?

This service is officially not associated with Likee. It does not host or entertain any pirated or copyright content on its server, and all the videos that are downloaded are done directly from their CDN servers on to the respective user machine.





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